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Outer-wrapper : 800px (Width template). this template have variable color and size, so you can change that by way you want by selecting the font and color tab on the main page to edit your blog.

If you like for this design just download this fileand the password, and also you can see the demo here

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Link Exchange

In the TIPS SEO explained that the link Exhcange or Tukeran Link is one way of increasing traffic rank of our blog or website.

Although my blog is (Bali in my eyes) is not how famous, but I will try to take you to bertukeran link to this blog.

If interested, simply copy and paste the script below, then tell the Shoutbox or I can contact via facebook no. HP etc, hehehe

This scriptnya to the place in Blogroll :

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The result will look like this

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Example Design with CorelDRAW

Some examples of using CorelDRAW Design I ever made was :

  1. Bungkus Pasta Gigi

  2. Bungkus Rokok

  3. Brosur

  4. Cover Buku

  5. Flashdisk

  6. Peta atau Atlas

  7. Stempel

  8. Laptop

  9. Kartu Undangan Pernikahan

  10. Kartu Nama

  11. Logo

Read their own direct tutor in several parts of this article, click there to download the source file :

Part 1, Part 2,
Part 3,
Part 4,
Part 5,
Part 6 and password

Learning HTML ( Chapter I )

Learning HTML, may have much to be, but it felt incomplete to discuss Dreamweaver reply but not basically stuck on this one, which is HTML (Hypertext Markup Language ).

Code above is a simple code to create a web page with HTML, for example :



<title>Learning HTML </title>





Later in your web browser Firefox Mogilla example will appear as:

Lets I explain the code !!!

<html></html> is the basic syntax foremost if we want to create HTML-based pages,

<head></head> in the syntax we can include population's standard code, such as [ <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=iso-8859-1" />

] may also call 1 or more CSS files, JavaScript, etc.,

<title></title> Text that is in the code will appear in the title of your web browser,

<body></body> This section to put the content of our web-based HTML, for example: Web-based Learning HTML

Image retrieval techniques

Image retrieval techniques

There are a few things to note relating to the camera device.

Before any shooting is a good idea if a cameraman preparations as follows:

  1. Mastery of the camera device to be used. Should follow the written rules on the use of the manual book. Understand the strengths and weaknesses.

  2. Once familiar with the ins and outs of the camera, the scene also understand what and how the technique is desired.

  3. Creating a breakdown of equipment to be used like a battery, microphone, extension cord, etc..

  4. Make sure the battery in good shape and full, and all the facilities at the camera worked well.

In video production activities / movies, there are many types of cameras used.

The division of a video camera / film divided over the media used to store data (image & sound) that have been taken.

Just as in photography, who has taken pictures stored on the roll of film.

But in this type of camera, film rolls in addition there are also magnetic tape to store the voice data.

In a 1-second shots, it takes about 30 frames the film.

The type of film used is a positive film (slides), in which to view its contents should be washed in the laboratory first film and is projected by using a special projector.

This type of camera stores images and sound data on magnetic tape.

Generally there are 2 types of cameras:

Analog (AV)

The data is stored as a stream of strong signals (waves) on the camcorder tape.

This type of camera types including VHS, S - VHS, 8mm, and Hi - 8.

Digital (DV)

Camera digital video recorder stores data in binary code format of bits per byte which consists of series 1 (on) and 0 (off).

Types of cameras include mini DV, and Digital 8.


In general, the parts consisting of a video camera:

  1. Battery for power supply

  2. lace tape

  3. Zoom

  4. Recorder button

  5. Output port video / audio (can be analog or digital)

  6. Focus Ring

  7. Preview window (View Fender)

  8. Microphone

  9. Light controls

  10. Keys Player (for playing back video).

  11. DC input terminal.

In addition there are also many additional facilities that vary between one camera with another camera.

Facilities include an infrared light for shooting in dark places, edit the text directly from the camera, the effects of other video, slow motion and much more.

Taking pictures of an object can be done in five ways:

· Bird's Eye View

Shooting technique done with a camera height above the height of the object. The result will look spacious environment and other things seem small and scattered.

· High Angle

Angle of the objects that look so impressive small objects. This technique has a dramatic impression of the value of "dwarf".

· Low Angle

Angle from the direction of the objects that look so impressive large objects. This technique has a dramatic impression of great value / prominance, authoritative, powerful, dominant.

· Eye Level

The results showed catch someone's eye view. This technique does not have a dramatic but natural impression.

· Frog Eye

Shooting angle with the height of the camera parallel to the base / bottom position of the object or lower. The result will look as if the audience's eyes represent the eyes of frogs. Image size is usually associated with shooting purposes, the level of emotions, situations and Events object. There are a variety of terms such as :

· Extreme Close Up (ECU / XCU) : the image is a very detailed look like a player's nose or lips or tip of the heel of the shoe.

· Big Close Up (BCU) : taking pictures from head to chin length.

· Close Up (CU) : images taken from close range, only part of the object that looks like just his face alone, or a pair of new shoes legs

· Medium Close Up (MCU) is similar to MS, if the object of people and taken from the chest upwards.

· Medium Shot (MS): retrieval of medium-range, if the object of it is visible only half his body alone (from the stomach / waist up).

· Knee Shot (KS): taking a picture object from head to knee.

· Full Shot (FS): the image is fully object from head to toe.

Images taken from a distance, all objects exposed to the background object.

· Medium Long Shot (MLS): images taken from a reasonable distance, so if for example there are 3 objects of the whole will be seen. If the object is a person looking from head to knee.

· Extreme Long Shot (XLS): images taken from very far distance, you'll enjoy no longer the object but the background. Thus it can be seen the position of the object to its environment.

· One Shot (1S): Taking pictures of objects.

· Two Shot (2S): taking pictures of two people.

· Three Shot (3S): taking pictures of three people.

· Group Shot (GS): the image is a group of people.

Camera movement will produce a different picture. Therefore it is distinguished by the terms as follows:

· Zoom In / Zoom Out: the camera moves away and approached the object by using the zoom button in camera.

· Panning: camera movement looked to the left and right of the tripod.

· Tilting: move camera up and down.

Tilt Up if the camera tilt up and down if the camera nodded.

· Dolly: the position of the camera on the tripod and on the basis of its wheels. In Dolly if it moves forward and Dolly Out if it moves away.

· Follow: camera movements follow a moving object.

· Crane shot: the camera movements are mounted on the crane wheels.

· Fading: change the image slowly.

If the images fade in and fade out appears if the image disappears and the cross-fade if the image 1 and 2 interchanged simultaneously.

· Framing: framing the object is in the Shot.

In the frame when entering the frame and the frame out if the exit frame.

Shooting techniques without moving the camera, so quite a moving object.

· Object moves parallel to the camera.

· Walk In: The object moved toward the camera.

· Walk Away: Objects moving away from the camera.

This technique is said because not only rely angle, image size, camera movements and objects but also other elements such as light, property and the environment. Average shooting by using these techniques produce more dramatic impression.

· Backlight Shot: shooting techniques to lighting on the object from behind.

· Reflection Shot: making techniques that are not directed to its object but from the mirror / water that can reflect the image of the object.

· Door Frame Shot: pictures taken from outside the door while the scene was in the room.

· Artificial Framing Shot: objects such as leaves or twigs placed in front of the camera so as if the object is taken from behind the branches.

· Jaws Shot: menyorotobjek camera as if surprised to see the camera.

· Framing with Background: the object of focus in front of the background but there appear so beautiful impression.

· The Secret of Foreground Framing Shot: making objects that were in front until the background so that the fusion scene.

· Tripod Transition: the camera position above the tripod and move from one object to another object rapidly.

· Artificial Hairlight: given the object hair effects of artificial light so shine and more dramatic.

· Fast Road Effect: teknikyang taken from the car was speeding.

· Walking Shot: This technique takes a picture of the current object.

Usually used to indicate who was walking in a hurry or pursued by something.

· Over Shoulder: taking pictures from behind the object, the object is usually only seen the head or shoulders only. Obtaining this to show that the object was seeing things or objects can also chatting.

· Profile Shot: if two people are in dialogue, but the shot from the side, one showing the camera first and second camera showed the second person.

Scripts serves as a guide for us in making the film, meant to guide us in taking pictures and sound.

So a script usually contains about the sequence of images that must be taken with a camera and a voice that must be recorded either in the form of narration, dialogue, music and sound effects. For convenience, (for beginners) sheet of manuscript is divided into two columns. In the left column written order of the image to be captured by the camera and an explanation of the shooting angle. So in this column can be known whether the pictures should be taken in close up, medium shot, long shot, and so on. Camera movement from left to right, top down, much to the close and so may also be written in this column. This column is called the visual field. While to the right column included narration or dialogue of the players, music, sound effects and other sounds to be recorded. In this column can be known whether the recorded voice or background of the transition and so on. This column is called an audio column.To distinguish, all information that is not voiced by uppercase, while the dialog that the player will read characters written in small letters.

Identification Program

Contains program identification information about the program or movie will be produced. Title, duration, format of the program, and others may be included in this section.


Synopsis or summary of the story needed to provide a brief description and dense on the theme or main story in the film overall.

Synopsis may contain the following things:

· Outline of the story.

· People protagonists.

· People antagonist.

· Important figures directly supporting the main plot and sub plots.

Problema · main and important problems-problems that were very influential in the story.

· Main motives and motifs important action helper.

· Climax and resolution

· Conclusion.


Before the script into a screenplay it is very necessary to create treatments. Treatment is a description that describes the flow of the presentation of a film story. Somewhat different with a synopsis, treatment to try to give a brief description of deskriptis about how an episode of a story. By reading treatment we get an idea of the sequence of visual scenes that would appear on the screen. Ways of delivery in the treatment must have filmik and seplastis may be easy to imagine and to stimulate the imagination. The reader is expected to be able to imagine the scene in question.

Story Board

Storyboard is a series of images that describe the details of making a scene by scene. Normally such a scene drawn comic format. In this case no drawing skills required, which overlooked the picture can be understood and translate the scene.


Scenario is a script that contains a story or idea that has been designed presentation, so communicative and interesting films presented by the media. Another name is the screenplay or movie script. Scenarios are operational guidance in the implementation of the shooting. In this scenario techniques have appeared and shot the full dialogue. Because the scenario is more of a working script in the field, then the description lines must too short, so quick to give understanding, and soon the movie projected on the reader's imagination.

Download Synopsis and password

Know the basics of Photoshop filters


Actually Many interesting effects effects on the Menu FILTER, one of which is Extrude. Immediately, we discuss on this page.

There are 2 type Extrude, namely Type Blocks and pyramids, and in this instance I use the Extrude type blocks.

  • Create New File, the size Height: 10 cm and widht: 10 cm, resolution: 100 pixels / inch, background: White.

  • FungsiFilter3
  • In the middle of the backround, fill with black color (the way: the area used for selection with the rectangular marquee, and then given a black color)

  • Select the menu Filter - Stylize - Extrude

  • On the menu / tab Extrude the set: Type: Blocks, Size: 70 pixels, Depth: 200, Check for the Random, and press OK

  • FungsiFilter4
  • Add artistic effects (this time I put on a poster effect edges) contained in the menu Filter - artistic - poster edges, to further look at the picture.

  • And see the results as shown below

  • You can also add text (of course with the creation and your own imagination) or can be also added another picture. like the example below


Another example of the effect of Extrude







The picture above is the Twirl effect, with the basic object strip color (blue, yellow, green and red),

  • Create New File (size 10 x 10 cm) white background (white)

  • FungsiFilter10
  • Create a New Layer (Ctrl shift N), for lines with a pencil line tool with the color (blue, yellow, green and red) or maybe your favorite color match.

  • It is not? ... If it's just to the Filter menu - Distort - Twirl, more details, see the picture below:


  • Now we change the background color used to be black, and we love lens flare effects (menu filter - render - lens flare). see picture again yes




  • After lens flare effect is complete, then we invert the background, how to press [Ctrl i] on the keyboard. Results from invert image can be viewed as the image below:



Its function is to create an artistic impression on the image or object.

  • Open the image file.

  • Select the menu filter> artistic and select an existing filter in the artistic submenu.

  • Live set setting'nya as we want.

image below is one example of artistic filters.



Rose Rough Pastels


The function of this filter make obscure or blur effect on the image on the canvas. usually the photographer

  • Open the image file first. This original image


  • menu filter> blur select one blur filter from an existing family in the Filter submenus.

  • Setting as you want.

  • Here's an example



Function create distortion effects or change the orientation of photos or images.

Pace Just choose the menu Filter > Distort, and then can click on one of the choices submenunya.

One example Distort diffuse glow


Sample image filters (diffuse Glow)



Functions for creating effects of image noise or dirty or spots in the picture. Just choose the menu aja filter> noise.

One example submenus Noise Filters Add Noise


Set settingnya like amount: 18.92%

And set as the Uniform distributionnya OK

The figure below the results of the example filter - Noise Add Noise



Functions for nuance effects ciptain spots in the creation or game points.

Filter > pixelate and select one of the submenus

One example of filter effects crystallize Pixellate


Set as this setting

Cell size: 4


Figure below a sample of the filter effect pixellate crystallize



Functions for creating special effects that can not be accommodated filter other groups. Submenunya there are five, namely:

One example of filter effects Render Lens Flare

Lens flares to give the effect of light reflection in the camera lens.


setting like:

Brightness: 177%

By lens type: Movie Prime

Ok ...

The figure below one example of effet Render Lens Flare Filter


clouds for creating texture on the canvas, so if there's a picture there, all images are covered by this texture, but if you lower the intensity of the filter.

Difference clouds to provide shade effects fog.

Fibers like difference clouds, but it will look like fiber (fiber).

Lighting effect to regulate lighting.

How to select the filter, only click menu filter > rendering.

Filter Sketch

Its function is to create the impression that the effect of the sketch on the canvas. Here's an example of this filter pake.

Figure below is the result of the filter effect Graphic Sketch Pen


setting, then Ok

Thumbnail image Graphic Pen effect


Filter Stylize

Its function is to create effects that would be a more unique photos.


Emboss filter Stylze object will give effect arises

Set settingnya like:

Angle: 30o

Height: 6 pixels

Amount: 100%


Figure below Stylize Emboss filter results


Filter Texture

Its function is to create the impression that the effect of textures on photos or drawings. Only by choosing Filter> texture.


One of the texture using filter effect:

Set settingannya first, such as:

Crack Spacing : 50

Crack Depth : 8

Crack Brightness : 7

One example of filter effects Texture:


Filter Others

Functions for very specific purposes. Select the menu filter> others.

One Others Custom filter effect

Custom is used to adjust the light object (picture).


Setting Set dialog box as shown above, according to your image

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Audio Player

Audio Player

Audio Player is supporting us when we listen to music, format mp3, wav, mp4 or other, which is still a lot of formats for ekestensi an audio formatted.

one of them is jetAudio, Audio Player is different from the others, because many of its features are not shared by most of the other player, for more details see

JIf you want to have this software could be in line here , jetAudio7_PLUS_VX_u, here

JetAudio 7.5.3 Basic for free to the line here

Another Audio Player for playing audio files formatted:

1. Ace Media Player

A single media player software can be used to watch video files formats such as QuickTime, Real, DivX and Windows Media files.

2. ALShow Media Player

This software has inbuilt support for the code that files play FLV and MP4 format.

3. BS.Player

BS.Player is one of the video player known for memmerlukan CPU and RAM requirements are low and a lot of ability and complete. BS.Player user in the world has reached more than 60juta users around the world and is supported on more than 90 languages.

4. Core Media Player

Player media software that can play DVDs with stable and with a simple interface but has full features. This software is right for your DVD player instead.

5. Crystal Reality

These programs work well on a variety of versions of windows platform. This program also features a video playback to play the video, a simple feature that is needed but sometimes forgotten in the software other big name.

6. FLV Player

Software developed by software provider well known torrent client is a media player for flash videos downloaded from your usual websites such as YouTube, Google Video and so on, with a playback feature.

7. GOM Player

This software name stands Gretech Media Player, has more ability to play files berekstensi. Flv files and other formats without needing a codec.

8. jetAudio

This multimedia player software has more features like the ability to rip CDs, encode or change the audio files and video and recording.

9. Kantaris

Kantaris is based on source code VideoLAN client (VLC) and most can play various types of files, audio & video CDs and DVDs. Kantaris is compatible or suitable for all versions of windows.

10. LAVA FLV Player

This player can play various video files downloaded from Google Video, Youtube, Metacafe and others, such as flv player from BitComet.

11. Media Center

This multimedia software has a jukebox style media player with a similar interface to iTunes that can be organized and played various types of media files.

12. Quintessential Player

Windows media player supports many popular audio formats with features such as streaming Internet radio and CD ripping.

13. RadLight

RadLight is a first type of multimedia player that supports various formats like DivX, DVD, MP4 audio to Mp3 format.

14. The KMPlayer

This dynamic multimedia player capable of playing all audio and video formats, including display subtitles, capturing the media and create a screenshot from the video.

15. VidLizard

Player audio, video and DVD for windows has an easy to use interface and an optional control panel for easy screenplay.

All platforms (Linux, Windows, Mac OS, etc)

16. MPlayer)

Program open source media player is compatible with windows, linux, Mac, etc.. with similar features such as WinAmp.

17. Totem

Open Source Media Player for the GNOME desktop environment features additional functionality such as webcam utilities, video thumbnailer and firefox plugin.

18. Zoom Player

Zoom Player is a media player that can be customized to have the support of media formats to date.


19. CorePlayer

CorePlayer is a multimedia player platform with features that help users to create multimedia content for mobile phones, PDAs, GPS or other mobile gadgets.

20. Xbox Media Center

This software is a multimedia player for the Xbox game console, which features in other andtara, able to play music, view pictures and video playback.

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